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Hello! 🙂

Welcome to Shamanic Shop, which has been an epic labor of love, devotion, passion and vision!
Our website is live from August 2019 onwards.

We are deeply committed to sacred traditions, appreciating indigenous handicrafts, supporting local impoverished communities, providing regular income to many isolated communities, valuing different cultures, honoring ancient techniques, handmade products, fair trade and diverse customs.

Also, we are passionate about spreading and teaching ancient traditions, esoteric knowledge, indigenous wisdom, and combined with powerful modern solutions – with light and love through-out the world.

Where we merge the modern wonders and amazing technology with ancient knowledge and teachings; in order to create a very powerful, and newly revised paradigm of transformation, healing, teachings, and sacred products!

We were very blessed to have first visited Peru in 2009, and were totally awed by the majestic Sacred Valley of the Andes. Additionally, we were amazed by the local people’s incredible textiles, vibrant colors, ancient traditions, beautiful handicrafts, spectacular scenery, natural medicines, sacred mountains Apus, respect for Mother earth Pachamama, etc.

Also, we were deeply enamored with the amazing Amazonian shamanic traditions, rainforest plants medicines, incredible tribal textiles, wonderful indigenous handicrafts, artwork, powerful shamanic tools, and ancient indigenous lineages.

Both 2 Co-Founders of Shamanic Shop are very passionate and devoted Shamans, Healers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Transformation Coaches, and Medicine people from Europe and USA.

However, Nina & Ananda decided to relocate to South America – first to Brazil, then Peru back in 2013, so to deepen our vocation of Shamanism, Healing and Natural Medicines. Also, we are passionate about learning ancient cultures, shamanic traditions, modern transformation modalities, teaching and sharing worldwide.

We were amazed by the powerful ancient traditions, which could help to alleviate many of sufferings, illness, disconnectedness, and challenges for people of the modern world. As we have become more stressed, overworked, hyper-busy, disconnected with nature and mother earth, unaware of our soul’s true callings, and forgetting our heart’s true longings.

Additionally, we are all yearning on a deeper level for sacred ceremonies, ancient rituals, sense of deeper connection, sense of tribal belonging, connection with nature and Spirit, and our underlying unity consciousness with everything.

We are truly pioneers in creating new modern techniques combined with ancient wisdom and sacred products. As a beautiful example of how to successfully run a conscious business, based on very genuine intentions and devoted practices.

It has been an extremely challenging journey, but also very rewarding process through the path of transformation, shamanic healing, teaching, empowerment, social enterprise and inclusion. Also, deep respect for indigenous traditions, local handicrafts, ethical trade, and non-discrimination – irrespective of social class, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, education, or background.

We love to hire, encourage, train, mentor, and inspire all our beautiful employees, as many come from very poor or disadvantaged local or indigenous backgrounds. We provide them many opportunities, teachings, encouragement, inspiration, abundance; in order to grow, heal, learn and transform.

Then, they can grow, prosper, and thrive, so they can share their abundance, transformation and teachings with their local communities and families too!

Our devoted sacred work inspires many treasured gifts, blessings, and numerous wonderful projects to share with the world and anyone, who wishes to learn, heal, grow and transform.

It is our deep prayer that our sacred products will enlighten, inspire, connect, and remind you of your divine essence, sacred transformation, deep healing, cosmic connection, profound teachings, magic, and inner joy too.

May your sacred path be divinely blessed with synchronicity, magical encounters, spontaneous healing, epic transformation, abundant love, deep growth, and divine connection! 😉

Many blessings and light,

Nina, Ananda + Shamanic Shop Team :purple_heart:

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