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  • Cacho Seed Stick


    Lovely percussive instrument Cacho Seed Stick, which are handmade in Peru.

  • Cacho Seeds – Strap

    From: $24.00

    Lovely percussive instrument with Cacho Seeds, which are bound together and attached to handwoven strap and handmade in Peru.

  • Rain Stick – Peru 50cm


    These are beautiful handmade Rain Sticks with traditional designs from the famous and ancient Nazca lines designs from Peru.

    Out of stock
  • Rattles – Shipibo

    From: $9.00

    Very lovely traditional Rattles with engraved designs - they are handmade work from the Pucallpa jungle region by Ucayali river…

  • Shacapa_Traditional_01

    Shacapa – Peruvian

    From: $29.00

    This is a very powerful shamanic tool and instrument called a 'Shacapa' in Peru. Sometimes it's also known as 'Chakapa'.…