Unicorn Magic


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~ Unicorn Magic Print ~ Painted by F. Pinchi in 2021 in Peru.

~ Original Painting Size = Height 83.5cm x Width 60cm. Original is acrylic paints on canvas.

~ This magical painting represents numerous divine realms of consciousness. The Unicorn against the full moon symbolizes our connection to magic, wonder, beauty, divine portals, the night skies & our dreams.

~  Additionally, the Lotus flower represents the blossoming of wisdom, awakening, and higher levels of consciousness through music, and Master plants medicines – Ayahuasca, Magic Mushrooms, Tree Dieta Spirits, etc.

~ The Hummingbirds & Butterflies are flying from within the Lotus flower, who are showering us with their teachings, wisdom, beauty, wonder & tasting the divine nectar of life within all magical dimensions.

* Large Print – Same size as the original painting = Approx Height 83.5cm (32.8 inches) x Width 60cm (23.6 inches)
* Medium Print = A2 Size – Approx Height 59.4cm (23.4 inches) x Width 42cm (16.5 inches)
* Small Print = A4 Size – Approx Height 29.7cm (11.7 inches) x Width 21cm (8.3 inches)

* Only your Print is included, and a frame is NOT included.

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Large Canvas, Large Card, Medium A2 Canvas, Medium A2 Card, Small A4 Canvas, Small A4 Card


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